Adams County Community Foundation

Adams County Dollars for Scholars (Adams County, PA)

The first step in applying for scholarships is to READ all materials related to the applications and organize the materials that you might need to complete the application.  If key items are missing from your application it is likely that you lose points from the evaluators or have your submission disqualified.   You also should find out about the organizations sponsoring the scholarships so you can understand the selection criteria being used and what the organizations stand for.  
Please download our student overview powerpoint which should help answer many of your questions by clicking here.  Some additional tips on the application process:

1.      Don't wait until the last moment to start completing your application and asking for recommendations.  Your teachers and counselors will be getting many requests from graduating seniors and may not be able to give your letter or recommendation the personalized touch it deserves if you wait to request their recommendation.

2.     Make sure you and your parents or guardians understand the personal information required by the organization(s) offering scholarships.

3.     Make sure all applicant data is correct.  For example for scholarships offered through the Adams County Community Foundation and its affiliates, a complete street address is required.  Please do not submit just a Post Office Box address.  As an example, Adams Electric Cooperative scholarships are based on whether you and your family are served by the Cooperative.  The address you list is the one used to verify whether your residence is served by the Cooperative.

4.     Please complete the appropriate School Data and be as concise as possible regarding the institutions to which you are applying.

5.     Please list the monetary awards that you have applied for and those you have already received.

6.     Some employers make contributions to the children of their employees.  Contributions from the employer of a parent or guardian should also be listed.

7.     Carefully read the directions about the essay questions.  Typed or word-processed responses are strongly suggested since the reviewers of your application will have an easier task in reading the many applications submitted.

8.     Carefully proof and edit your submission before submitting it for review.

9.     Make sure you meet the deadline for submitting applications.  Your school counselors will be a great help in letting you know when and how to submit your application.