The Adams County Community Foundation manages more than 100 scholarships available to high school students from Adams County, PA. 

How do I apply?

  • Click the blue "Click to Login" button below to create a student profile and log into the Adams County Community Foundation Dollars for Scholars Student Dashboard. 

When can I apply?

  • You can start your application on January 1, 2023.

When is the application deadline?

  • The application deadline is March 15, 2023.

Do I have to apply for each scholarship?

  • The Community Foundation will match your application to most eligible competitive scholarships; those requiring a separate application as listed below.

Do I need to provide references or letters of recommendations? 

  • No. References or letters of recommendations are no longer required for 2023.

When will I receive my award?

  • SAVE THE DATE: Scholarship winners and their parents (or a guest) are invited to join the Community Foundation's board, scholarship committee and scholarship donors for our Scholarship Award Breakfast on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 7:30am at the Gettysburg Wyndham.

  • This year's guest speaker is Alysa Bainbridge, Miss Pennsylvania 2022.

  • Please hold the date. Invitations to follow after the selection committee meets. 

The following scholarship awards require a separate application available at

The Returning Student Scholarship - For current Adams County residents with at least one completed year of a post-secondary school or accredited technical program, and is now returning to school after a hiatus of one year or longer.

Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter Scholarship Fund - For descendants of Casper Glattfelder who was the first of his family to arrive in the United States in 1743.

The Emory H. & Luther D. Snyder Littlestown Foundry, Inc. Scholarship -For students who are a direct descendant of a current full-time employee or official retiree of Littlestown Foundry, Inc. Students may live outside of Adams County. Owners or family members of Littlestown Foundry, Inc. stockholders are ineligible for this scholarship. 

Learn about our Scholarships.

For help with your online scholarship application, the following guides are available:

Setting up the Student Profile

Counselors - Transcript

For Parents - Consent and Financial Information